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No Longer Accepting New Clients


Standard Fee: $160.00 per hour †

Available Flat Rates include:

  • Patent Search

  • Basic Search (Simple Mechanical/Design Patents) $750.00

  • Normal Search (Most Mechanical) $1,500.00

  • Patentability Opinion (for basic/average search) $2000.00


Patent Filing

  • Provisional Patent Application $800.00

  • Design Patent Application $1,200.00

  • Non-provisional Patent Application (Simple Mechanical) $1,500.00

  • Non-provisional Patent Application (Most Mechanical) $2,500.00

  • Section 371: U.S. National Phase $1,500.00


Trademark Search

  • Word mark, per class $800.00


Trademark Filing

  • Trademark application $800.00

† NOTICE: Fees may be adjusted for many reasons that depend on the details of the case. Generally, unpredictable or complicated cases do not qualify for a flat rate and are billed hourly. Government fees, including application fees, and drawing preparation fees are not included in the indicated fees. Similarly, other legal services (for example, responding to office actions) are not included. Fees are subject to change without notice.

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