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Representative Patents

PAT. NO.  Title

  1. 9,464,860 Shotgun simulator

  2. 8,162,663 Dental implant

  3. 8,161,714 Capping chuck

  4. 8,075,653 Air quality containment unit

  5. D647,443 Truck rear fender

  6. 7,992,690 Device for locking a lever of a motor vehicle

  7. 7,854,509 Vision screener

  8. 7,784,474 Undercarriage washer

  9. 7,762,474 Adhesion of a composite wooden member by grooving and case hardening prior to encapsulation

  10. 7,645,060 Support for a motor vehicle light unit, a light unit, and an assembly comprising a front end module and such a support and/or light unit

  11. 7,611,665 Ladle bottom

  12. 7,552,898 Sensor support for motor vehicle

  13. 7,488,307 Security assembly for fitting to a syringe, and a syringe assembly

  14. D580,328 Truck fender

  15. 7,445,384 Pyrometer

  16. 7,425,241 Assembly comprising a trim part for a motor vehicle and another part secured to the trim part by melting material, and a method of assembling the parts

  17. 7,390,037 Piece for placing against an element of bodywork, an element of bodywork suitable for receiving such a piece, and an assembly comprising such a piece and such an element of bodywork

  18. 7,386,929 Method of manufacture coated wood articles

  19. 7,341,298 Fiberglass body with reinforcing member

  20. 7,329,032 Housing structure for light unit, chassis part for housing a light unit and external module comprising a chassis part and light unit

  21. 7,325,642 Motor vehicle fender having a breakable zone

  22. 7,322,890 Steering coupler

  23. 7,309,674 Refractory composition and process for the repair of a hot refractory wall

  24. 7,289,216 Station for inspecting the painting of motor vehicle parts

  25. 7,287,809 Cross-member for a motor vehicle front end module, and a front end module and a cooling module support provided with such a cross-member

  26. 7,276,205 Injection device and process for the injection of a fluid

  27. D549,624 Truck fender

  28. 7,240,450 Handgun disassembly device

  29. D545,253 Truck fender

  30. 7,216,911 Motor vehicle rear module

  31. 7,198,181 Stopper for reliable gas injection

  32. 7,165,794 Passive safety device

  33. 7,152,916 Liner for a motor vehicle grille

  34. 7,150,495 Use of a fender and a hood in combination with an air bag, fender retaining and support means, a fender, a fender module, and a hood for a motor vehicle

  35. 7,118,170 Sill moulding for a motor vehicle

  36. 7,112,300 Ladle bottom

  37. 7,104,062 Device for thermally controlling the intake air of the internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle

  38. 7,097,236 Connection between a side rail and a structural part of the front of a motor vehicle

  39. 7,086,679 Motor vehicle bodywork assembly

  40. 7,008,008 Cross-member at automobile front

  41. 7,004,519 Automobile beam

  42. 6,988,574 One-way air duct for engine compartment cooling

  43. 6,946,829 Device for measuring a chopped current

  44. 6,935,150 Superplasticity forming mould and mould insert

  45. 6,913,730 Stopper rod

  46. D505,641 Bouquet holder

  47. 6,878,886 Control device for motor vehicle in particular for controlling an on-board computer

  48. 6,814,268 Crack resistant valve plate for a slide gate valve

  49. 6,783,038 Sliding gate for liquid metal flow control

  50. 6,772,922 One-piece inner nozzle and clamping device for holding such a nozzle

  51. 6,729,766 Retention of ceramic bearings

  52. 6,705,856 Lighter for generating a flame of controlled color

  53. 6,681,964 Grooved refractory pouring tube for metallurgical casting, assembly of refractory components, casting installation and process for repairing the surface of a refractory component

  54. 6,672,490 Grooved refractory tube for metallurgical casting, assembly of refractory components and casting installation incorporating such an assembly

  55. 6,667,263 Composite material

  56. 6,651,899 Continuous casting nozzle with pressure modulator for improved liquid metal flow regulation

  57. 6,620,084 Conveyor roll end cap

  58. 6,619,619 Clamping device for a refractory-made plate of a sliding gate

  59. 6,616,782 Thermal shock-resistant ceramic article

  60. 6,559,082 Insulating refractory material

  61. 6,537,486 Anti-buildup liner

  62. 6,533,147 Pouring tube

  63. 6,475,426 Resin-bonded liner

  64. 6,464,154 Casting nozzle with diamond-back internal geometry and multi-part casting nozzle with varying effective discharge angles and method for flowing liquid metal through same

  65. 6,464,116 Stopper rod

  66. 6,450,376 Refractory assemblies

  67. 6,428,743 Trough having an erosion-resistant precast shape

  68. 6,425,505 Pour tube with improved flow characteristics

  69. 6,419,713 Fuel composition producing a colored flame

  70. 6,395,396 Thermal shock-resistant ceramic article

  71. 6,380,114 Insulating refractory material

  72. 6,367,671 Stopper rod

  73. 6,287,999 Castable refractory compositions

  74. 6,284,689 Refractory material

  75. 6,260,742 Pouring spout for a continuous-casting mold

  76. 6,250,520 Plant for transferring liquid metal, method of operation, and refractories

  77. 6,227,421 Tundish equipped with a tube changer and plate for the tube changer

  78. 6,213,357 Nozzle exchanger

  79. 6,165,409 Molten steel transfer element and its manufacturing

  80. 6,139,180 Method and system for testing the accuracy of a thermocouple probe used to measure the temperature of molten steel

  81. 6,019,258 Plate change device for a metallurgical vessel and set of plates for this drawer

  82. 5,979,719 Soft-bore monoblock pouring tube

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